Software Development and Security Consultancy


Being able to take control of and choose your own destiny is a universal value. And it probably is disproportionately so among software developers and startup entrepreneurs like ourselves.

In short: Pesaify Hub was founded by Bartile Emmanuel (CMO) and Afedra Daniel (Board Advisor). We think that what you make of your life is your own responsibility. But we would like for everyone, especially the youth that holds the world’s future, to be free and able to take control of their own destiny.

We believe in the power of business to transform society. And probably the most attractive area for creating high skilled jobs and skills development for today’s ambitious youths is software development.

As production methods from the open-source community are increasingly being adopted in the industry, the software is often already being produced in virtual teams. At the same time, there is a huge shortage of software developers around the world, resulting in an infinite demand for software development skills.

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Company CEO

Bartile Emmanuel


5th February, 2020


Technology, Business