Cleaning and Disinfection Service


Pesaify Clean Services is your ideal and trusted cleaning services company in Uganda, whether for home or work. Our wide range of services include General Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Washroom Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, and Window Cleaning Services. In addition, we offer painting, refurbishing, and general maintenance services.

Depending with your needs, Roan Services offers Garden and Lawn Maintenance that’s part of our complimentary outdoor services.

What easily sets us apart is the love and passion we have for what we do. You will experience that when you interact with everyone at Roan Services; from the management, to the highly professional cleaners, all the way to the very friendly customer service staff. Our personalized approach of service delivery ensures that we give you exactly what you need while staying mindful of your budget. We look at all options that will save you some money.

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Ms. Vivian Atwijukire


26th January, 2020


Health, Hygiene, Business